Are there projects around the house you just can't seem to get finished? Maybe some things have just gotten out of hand and you don't know how to fix them? Well...Russ'll fix it!! With 25 years in the construction industry, and countless honey-do projects, there isn't much I can't do or fix. Do you need a closet built...Russ'll fix it!! Maybe you have run out of space and are in need of a new out-building? How about new shelving in your kitchen, pantry or garage...Russ'll fix those too. I build and repair railing and decks, shelving and cabinets. I install windows, doors, siding, water heaters, or even complete kitchens. I'll renovate an entire house if that is your problem. I also install and repair air conditioning units, form and lay concrete, clean carpets, and I'll even put a detail on your car as good as any shop in town! I can fix your car, your yard, your house, just about any problem you can come up with.... Let me know your problems... I'm a fixer...That's what I do.

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